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Rhythm Control

Freedom through Techno Trance Dance...

Musical partition made visible through dance movements.
Music: Jay Ray, Dance: Hugo Schneider, Production: Cine Plus / Frank Evers & A frog in the pool

Maximal editing speed. 50 Edits per Sec, but these pictures are only visible on an old style television. So here only 25 Edits per Sec visible.
I created a mistake in an ADO (for people who still knows what it is!) telling the machine that the effect is one frame long with 2 Keyframes, each of them being 1 Frame. The machine got confused and collapsed. This is the result of the control of the collapses, allowing to edit until 50 times per second. Remember, 1997, analog times!
2. Price in the short film festival in Oberhausen for the German Competition. Won the AC Journalist Price.
Sold to the german Tanzfilmproduktion in Bremen.
Part of the Goethe Institut Archive.